Henrik Eger, Ph.D.
Welcome to my webpage.  Feel invited to check out the educational work on my new faculty website at DCCC, or  browse through the pages here, where you can find news, my plays and theatre reviews, and workshops I conduct for professionals and organizations. 
I wrote the docudrama Metronome Ticking, and the forthcoming historical play Mendelssohn Does Not Live Here Anymore.  Theatres, schools, colleges, churches, synagogues and civic organizations who are interested
in productions of any of my plays can find detailed summaries
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As a professor of English and Communication, I have developed a wide ranger of materials for writers and communicators.  For samples, click here.  
If you would like to contact me, click here.   
I also work as a consultant for professionals.  To find more information on the various services I offer, feel free to navigate through the following pages on this website:
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Last Update: 30 Sept. 2008