Hello and welcome

to Israel Day,


I am David Ben-GurionI was born in Poland in 1886 as David Grün (Green) and later became the chief political architect of the State of Israel.  Long before 1948, I was fighting for its future and became its first Prime Minister—after the War of Independence.  In the 1920's and 30's, I helped many Jews move to Palestine and later organized Jewish regiments to help the British during WWII.  As Prime Minister, I often had to overcome opposition within the Jewish community—first against the establishment of Israel, and later against alliances with democratic countries, including West Germany.

I encouraged Israelis to participate in agricultural worker's communities, so when I retired in 1970 it was only natural that I spend my remaining days on a kibbutz.  In addition to my native Yiddish and Hebrew, I also spoke Turkish, English, Russian, French, German, and ancient Greek.  I even learned Spanish just so I could read Don Quixote in its original language.  I died in 1973 and the Israeli people named their largest airport in my honor.  Time Magazine called me one of "The world's 100 most influential people."


I thank the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia (http://www.jewishphilly.org) and Theatre Ariel, the Jewish Theatre of Philadelphia (http://www.theatreariel.org) for the opportunity to interact with you.  Feel free to contact them, get actively involved, and check the Internet for more information on my life.  Thank you, Godspeed, and SHALOM—till next year in Jerusalem. 


Yours truly,

David Ben-Gurion,
walking among you, with the hope that you will share this information with ALL your friends
© Henrik Eger, 2007