Dr. Henrik Eger translating for Dr. Brigitte Jank in Vienna, March 2007
Europe: At the Urania Observatory in Vienna, Austria, I served as the official interpreter (from German into English) for the President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Brigitte Jank, during her Welcome Speech for the City of Vienna as part of the Opening Ceremony of the World Congress of Jewish Theatre. 
I also interpreted from German into English for a three-hour workshop entitled “Role Analysis through Action,” taught by Moisej Bazijan, former Artistic Director of the Jewish Theatre of Lemberg, Ukraine, now Munich, Germany. 

I am available to interpret from German into English and from English into German.  Born and raised in Germany, I am a native speaker of German, having studied both English and German in Germany, England, and the US, earning a Ph.D. in English (Composition and Rhetoric). 
I have taught ESL, EFL, German, and English in Germany, England, India, and also in Iran, where I was appointed Head of the German Department at Kerman University.  I taught simultaneous interpretation courses at the Adult Education Center (VHS) in Duisburg, Germany, and I regularly teach an introductory course to students at the Media Theatre on international languages and accents.   

I have served as interpreter for a wide range of people and organizations, including:  

Ω The BBC and Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) during a live broadcast between
          London and Cologne
Ω The Mayor and City Council of Portsmouth, England, and the visiting Salzmann
          Singers from Duisburg, Germany 
Ω The International Children’s Film Festival in Bombay, India
Ω German Interior Minister Otto Schily and the September 11 NYC firefighter
          widows and their children on their visit to Berlin

Contact: Those interested in having me interpret for events, lectures, cultural visits, etc., are welcome to contact me to make the necessary arrangements. 
United States: In 2002, I served as interpreter and guide for children and widows of New York City firefighters killed on September 11, 2001, on their first visit to Germany as guests of the Berlin Fire Department. 
Before leaving for Germany, I interpreted for a delegation of German firefighters and New York City firefighters and officials to send to Berlin as many children and widows of firefighters who got killed on 9/11.  I also interpreted for the Police Chief of New York City and the police delegate from Berlin to coordinate the safety of the Sept. 11 firefighter orphans and widows.
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