GERMAN ORIGINAL: Click on the  image above of the traditional Latin and the old German Sütterlin alphabets to see the original post- WW2 GERMAN story which I translated into ENGLISH (on the right).
Die Botschaft der Weihnachtsnacht”  by Margret Hatting, from Weihnachtsgeschichten aus schwerer Zeit (Christmas Stories from Difficult Times), vol. 11.   


Born and raised in Germany, I am a native speaker of German and have studied both English and German in Germany, England, and the US, where I received my Ph.D. in English (Composition and Rhetoric).  I have taught ESL, German, and English in six countries, including Germany, England, the US, India, and also in Iran, where I was appointed Head of the German Department, Kerman University.

I have translated texts from German into English and from English into German.  One of my first experiences working as a translator came at the request of  Martin Luther King, Jr., who asked me to translate his Nobel Peace Prize mail in May 1965 in Atlanta, GA, at his office in the headquarters of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Since then, I have also translated newspaper articles and reviews, fiction, academic articles, and commercial scripts for publishers, arts organizations, and production companies.  For samples of my translation work, click here
Those interested in having me translate a text are welcome to contact me to discuss the type of document and target audience.  Please allow ample time for the translation process.  Many thanks, vielen Dank.
ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Click the image of Goethe’s writing desk at his birth house in Frankfurt am Main for a copy of the ENGLISH translation of the GERMAN text (on the left). 
The Message of the Christmas Night” by Margret Hatting, translated from German into English by Dr. Henrik Eger; original story published by Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge, 2006.  
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