Even Franz Kafka at times despaired and felt blocked as a writer (as witnessed by his drawing, at left).  Many, if not most people, experience times when they feel as if they had reached an invisible barrier in their lives that prevents them from moving forward, at least temporarily.  If you really want to move forward again as a writer and need support, feel free to contact me.
As an experienced writer and professor of English, I specialize in unblocking blocked writers and have worked with a wide range of professionals, including psychologists, physicians, businesspeople, and a variety of other individuals.  
Are you writing or planning on working on any of these projects: 

articles and reviews, business reports, dissertations,
film and TV scripts, memoirs, novels,
plays, presentations, proposals, 
resumes, short stories, or speeches?

If so, I can help you.  Together, you and I would discuss your planned or stalled project.  Together, we would work on a regular basis until your project is completed successfully
While working with me, you would get full support on your project from the very beginning via personal meetings, telephone conversations, or emailwhichever you'd prefer.  If you wish, I could even help you to get your work published, produced, and promoted.
Throughout the unblocking process—while working on your project—you and I would frequently reassess your goals, your time constraints, your evolving writing style, and your progress.  Because of this ongoing support, every person with whom I have worked has made major breakthroughs, and so will you.  
If you want to make genuine headway with your project and are serious about completing it, you are very welcome to contact me at any time.  Let's work togetherlet your ideas come alive. 

For professionals working under great time constraints, we can discuss effective editorial, speech, and ghostwriting services.  
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