My most recent work in 2007 included some of the following:
serving as a production assistant and supervising a German and an Austrian voice-over actor for an informational film, produced by an international corporation. 

Voice-Over & Production Advisor

Given my international education and background, I have worked for agencies, studios, and arts organizations both to perform voice-overs, and to serve as a production advisor for German voice-over recordings produced by US companies.  I have also been hired as a voice coach, training the cast of several professional theatre productions in how to properly accentuate and pronounce both German and upper-class British-English .  For a sample of my voice-over in a short film that I narrated, click here.  I have worked in the following recording studios and theatres:

Ω Baker Sound, Philadelphia, PA

Ω Center City Film and Video, Philadelphia, PA


Ω Hedgerow Theatre, Media, PA

Ω Media Theatre, Media, PA 

Henrik Eger works as newscaster for KBCT Radio, Bethel College, November 1964
My first job as a nightly newscaster of international news at KBCT Radio at Bethel College, KS, 1964-65. 
For my work for West German Radio and TV, see the theatre section of my Bio.  
Those agencies, organizations, and theatres interested in having me work in assisting with their voice-over productions
as either a language consultant or as a German or British voice-over, are welcome to contact me to make the necessary arrangements. 

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