Effective workshops and seminars
One of the most widely invited guest speakers at DCCC, Dr. Eger presents highly effective, goal-oriented workshops and seminars--tailored to the specific needs of the target audience--for corporations, organizations, or educational and community groups.  His interactive workshops cover a wide range of topics, organized into the following four categories: Professional, Academic, International, and Practical.  Click here to see descriptions of the six workshops that he recently conducted for Elder Week, 2008.
Click on any of the following workshop titles to read a brief summary of what each program offers, and feel free to contact Dr. Eger if you would like more information about any of the following workshops or to discuss further options and scheduling possibilities. 
More information will be available on the website soon.  This site is still under construction.  Check back for updates.   

The Urge to Perfection: Unblocking Writers, Painters, Filmmakers, Businesspeople, and Other Creative Professionals
Worst Fear in Life or Great Fun?: Learn to Speak in Public and Survive to Live Happily Ever After
Don’t Toss Away those Funny Moments in Life: Enriching Conversations and Presentations with Humorous Experiences 

We Are What We Say: The Influence of Language on Our Personal and Professional Lives
How to Give Honest and Effective Feedback:  
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and DCCC: The best kept secret in Delaware and Chester Counties


I Journal – Therefore I Am: An Introduction to Biographical Journal Writing
Hidden Family Secrets: Preserving Our Past through Creative Genealogy
Going to the Theatre with a Barrymore Judge: An Interactive, Entertaining Workshop
“Open Sesame!”: Finding People on Craigslist and Treasures on eBay, the World’s Largest Auction House

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